Royal Marine physical training instructor guilty over musician battery

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A ROYAL Marine physical training instructor has been convicted of battery following a court martial.

Cpl Matthew Edwards, 29, based at HMS Excellent, was cleared of two battery offences but convicted of four.

He was also cleared of disgraceful conduct of a cruel or indecent kind.

The court martial heard Cpl Edwards was working as a physical training instructor at the Royal Marines School of Music at HMS Nelson during the time of the assaults.

Musician Joshua Flynn told the court that in January 2014 Cpl Edwards pulled him by his shirt during a training session on the athletics track at HMS Temeraire in Portsmouth.

He said Cpl Edwards was ‘frustrated’ when he gathered the group of around 60 trainees together at the end of the session.

Flynn said: ‘I was seen to be not be looking at the instructor clearly and the instructor came up to me, pulled me from my shirt.’

He added: ‘I was pushed back but I did not fall over.’

Cpl Edward’s defence barrister Robert Williams said it never happened.

The court martial trial at Portsmouth Military Court started on Monday and the verdict was returned on Thursday. He was fined £125 for each of the counts.