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Hugs, kisses and lots of tears as (left) Jeremy Seeley (10) arrives back home and is met by his mother (right) Teresa Seeley (40)
Hugs, kisses and lots of tears as (left) Jeremy Seeley (10) arrives back home and is met by his mother (right) Teresa Seeley (40)
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THIS was the moment that a relieved mum cradled her son after he sparked a police hunt after disappearing from his home.

Ten-year-old Jeremy Seeley’s family raised the alarm after he failed to return home on Tuesday night. He had last seen at 11.30am when he told his babysitter he was going out.

Mum Teresa, 40, was told to ‘fear the worst’ by police, as they believed he could have gone exploring the caves and tunnels at the Paulsgrove chalk pit.

His family and friends scoured the chalk pits area on Tuesday evening for any sign of the youngster.

But they could not search the caves because they were considered unsafe.

Messages were posted on the social networking site Facebook in the hope that one of Jeremy’s friends might see it and know where he was.

But Jeremy strolled into his home in Westerham Close shortly after 10am yesterday.

He told his mum he had stayed at a friend’s house, and had believed he had permission to do so.

Ms Seeley said: ‘The police told me to think the worst. They said he could have been up in the chalk pits and there could’ve been an accident, anything.’

There had been an argument between Jeremy and his mum on Monday, as he had spent Sunday night at a friend’s house, staying up all night playing computer games.

‘When he came back he was really tired, really gobby, so I told him he wasn’t to stay out overnight any more – at all,’ said Ms Seeley.

Ms Seeley was out overnight on Monday, and returned home on Tuesday morning to be told by the babysitter that Jeremy had gone out.

His overnight stay had been arranged on Friday so Jeremy said he thought he still had permission to go.

Ms Seeley added: ‘I’m just really relieved that he’s back safely. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who was out looking for him and just tell everyone that he’s safe and well.’

Jeremy said he had no idea of the worry he had caused his family. When asked if he’d disappear again, he replied simply, ‘no’.