Salvation Army lead thieves are ‘disgraceful’

ANGRY Lord Mayor Frank Jonas
ANGRY Lord Mayor Frank Jonas
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PORTSMOUTH’S Lord Mayor has said thieves who stole lead from the roof of a Salvation Army building are ‘disgraceful’.

The thieves caused hundreds of pounds of damage by targeting lead on the roofs of two buildings – the citadel building in Lake Road and the charity’s furniture store in Commercial Road over Christmas.

At the same time, volunteers with the Salvation Army were serving a four-course meal to needy or disadvantaged people on Christmas Day.

City Lord Mayor Frank Jonas popped in to help serve on the day itself.

He said: ‘I thought it was disgraceful that while those good people were serving four-course dinners to people who needed them, while that was happening there were people taking lead off the roof of the citadel.’

George Brown, director of the Outreach programme for the Salvation Army, said the thieves had caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage, not least because of the water damage caused by the holes in the roof.

He said: ‘The thieves climbed along the roof and they have ripped up tiles as they went a long.

‘They went to huge effort to get to it.

‘With what we are trying to do and what we are trying to achieve, it’s very disappointing.

‘That somebody could just come and make such a mess for such a small gain, I find it such a shame.’