Sandwich shop raided for coffee, chocolates and energy drinks.

Teens cause pub damage

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THIEVES used a garden fork to smash through the back door of a sandwich shop.

Along with coffee, chocolates, sweets and energy drinks, the burglars also took a charity collection box, from the Fairways Fast Food store, in London Road, Hilsea.

Manager Bridget Cooke made the discovery early this morning.

She said: ‘I got in at 4.45am this morning and saw a pitch fork lying in the middle of the floor and the door behind the counter open.

‘All the cupboards were open and they had taken all the chocolates, sweets, jars of coffee and energy drinks.

‘We have a collection box for the Portsmouth Association for the Blind, which was full, and they took that too.

‘They seem to have used the garden fork to smash in the back door.

‘It’s a disgrace this has happened, but I guess it’s a sign of the day and age we live in.’

It is the third time a charity collection box has been stolen from the sandwich store.

The theft has been reported to Hampshire Constabulary, who are investigating the scene.