Schizophrenic man attacked fellow patient

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A SCHIZOPHRENIC who stabbed his dad through the heart has attacked a fellow patient in a secure psychiatric unit.

Terry Parnell, 24, was sent to Ravenswood House, a mental health facility, in Knowle, near Fareham, after the near-fatal attack on his dad, Tony.

Five years on, Parnell, a paranoid schizophrenic, has lashed out again.

This time the victim was Hugh McKenna, another patient at Ravenswood, Portsmouth Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Rebecca Austin said Mr McKenna had become agitated and was being abusive to staff.

‘He was threatening staff,’ she said.

‘The defendant, in a rather misguided attempt to calm the situation, told the patient to shut up and charged at him.’

Parnell punched Mr McKenna to the ground and kicked him, leaving him badly bruised and with four broken ribs during the assault in April last year.

Dr David Morton, a psychiatrist from Ravenswood House, told the court: ‘At the time the incident took place Parnell had undergone a very serious relapse.

‘He has recovered since then and we have moved him to another ward in the hospital.’

Parnell pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm.

Judge Ian Pearson said Parnell remained severely ill and ruled that he should return to Ravenswood for treatment indefinitely.

He said: ‘Unfortunately you were then suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and you are still suffering.

‘The nature of the that mental condition makes it appropriate for you to be detained in a hospital for treatment and that treatment is available for you at Ravenswood.’

He added: ‘I can only hope that the treatment is eventually successful for you.’