'˜Scourge of society' London drug dealers jailedÂ

THEY  are the '˜scourge of society'. But drug dealers from London attempting to set-up a new lucrative network in Portsmouth were thrown behind bars for a combined total of nearly five years. Â

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 6:44 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 7:48 pm
Daniel Cachucho
Daniel Cachucho

Daniel Cachucho and Ernest Kalule, both 20, embarked on a mission to offload crack cocaine and heroin to drug users in Portsmouth in order to profit from other people's misery.

But the pair were caught in the act by police in August last year when doing a deal in Fratton Road, Portsmouth Crown Court heard.

An unmarked police car patrolling the area saw the two men in a Vauxhall Astra acting suspiciously with the car making stop-offs involving Kalule getting out the vehicle before another male got in.

Ernest Kalule

'˜The defendants were seen in the car acting suspiciously by an unmarked police car before it pulled into the Fratton Community Centre,' prosecutor Anthony Bailey said.

'˜Kalule was seen getting out of the back of the car before it drove off at speed. A gaunt man was then seen getting in the car. Police believed they were drug dealing.'

Officers then carried out a search of the car where they found wraps with heroin and crack cocaine with a street value of £2,000.

After the pair were arrested and taken to custody they made a surprising admission. '˜They admitted to trying to start up a new drugs line in Portsmouth in order to make money,' Mr Bailey said.

Neither defendant had any relevant convictions for drug dealing.

Judge Roger Hetherington said: '˜People like both of you who come down to places like Portsmouth are the scourge of so many lives affected by drugs.

'˜These people then become addicted and embark on a life of crime to feed their addiction. Maybe you would have carried on and established a drugs line to benefit financially if you were not apprehended.' 

Judge Hetherington sentenced Cachucho, of Station Street, Newham, London, and Kalule, of Bute Street, Luton, to 31 months and 28 months prison respectively.