Secret life of '˜sinister' stalker behind Spotted Portsmouth Facebook page is revealed

STALKER Paul Nelson will be sentenced in Portsmouth today '“ and the extent of his harassment of a woman was revealed in court after he admitted the charge on the first day of his trial.

Friday, 23rd March 2018, 9:24 am
Updated Friday, 23rd March 2018, 9:30 am
Paul Nelson

Portsmouth Crown Court heard Nelson, 46, of Western Parade, Southsea, first met the woman years ago and continued to pursue her after one police investigation.

A second investigation has now led him behind bars on remand. He will be sentenced today after admitting stalking causing alarm or distress between January and August last year.

Prosecutor Henry Gordon revealed the extent of the stalking carried out by Nelson - who runs the Facebook page Spotted Portsmouth - at the hearing on Monday.

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* 2014: Convicted of harassment after wrongly labelling a man a paedophile in a falling-out over a barmaid.

* 2013: Met stalking victim, with Nelson later asking her out - which she turned down

* 2015: Victim calls police after being followed by Nelson after work

* Goes into her work to ask to walk her home. A police investigation is started.

* July 20, 2015: Victim received message from Nelson on Facebook referring to her new partner, it said: ‘I hope he is good for you.’

* January 19, 2016: Victim calls police in the evening after Nelson rides on a bike to her in the street. Ten minutes later she sees him again walking to her and crosses the road but he ‘started shouting her name asking her to talk to him’.

* Victim tells police: ‘I thought after the police investigation in 2015 he would have got the message to leave me alone.’

* May 22: Victim wakes up to find her Gmail, PayPal, Dropbox account hacked by Nelson. Her LinkedIn was deleted.

* Computer examination reveals Nelson hacked the Gmail at 6.12am but the victim gets his IP address, tracing it back to him.

* Sets up email to act as recovery account so he can seize control of her emails whenever he wants.

* He has also searched for taxi firm Uber confirmation emails to ‘track her movements’.

* June 2: At 9.20pm the victim goes to get something from her car and a corner shop but sees Nelson loitering five houses down the road, in Stanley Street, Southsea. Nelson shouts at her so the victim went to the shop and waited - but he was still there ‘staring at her’.

* June 8: After finding her blood donor appointment confirmation email Nelson turns up at Mountbatten Centre in Stamshaw as preparations were made for her to donate.

The victim had to flee from a rear exit but saw Nelson standing by a bus stop. Nelson had searched her Gmail for the word ‘blood’ knowing she was a regular donor.

* June 18: Nelson tags her in an Instagram post of a ‘macabre’ knife block shaped as a person but then blocks her from seeing the post.

* May 1: From her email Nelson downloads the victim’s insurance certificate for her new Vauxhall Corsa.

* May 3: Nelson spots the victim getting out of her car.

* May 5: Victim finds her windscreen had been smashed overnight.

* July 29: Screws are put in front of her front and rear tyres.

* July 8: Victim’s housemate spots Nelson outside their home - she films him staring up at the victim’s second-floor bedroom window.

* July 21: Nelson walks past the victim ‘staring at her’ as she walked along before he ‘turned around and stared watching back towards her’.

* Also part of the stalking: Victim finds her name and ‘is a grass’ written in graffiti near her home.

* Friends tell her it is also scrawled in pub toilets.

* Nelson puts ‘Spotted Portsmouth’ stickers near her home.

* August 3: Arrested with his laptop seized.

* Police find huge amounts of data Nelson has downloaded from victim’s accounts including chat logs and emails between her and police.

* Experts find Nelson has searched the victim’s name and ‘stalking’, ‘Portsmouth,’ and ‘LinkedIn’.

* He is interviewed but makes no comment.

April 12: Interviewed again after IT experts finish analysis but makes no comment.

* October 10, 2017: Appears at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court

* March 19: Arrested at 1.30am at his home after walking by the victim’s work the night before with a ‘sinister’ laugh as he walked by, breaching his bail.

* Admits the stalking charge and is remanded until today when he will be sentenced.