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A burglar who took just 20 seconds to smash his way into a Southsea tea factory and take £535 in cash has admitted carrying out the burglary.

John Paul Phillips, of Wimbledon Park Road in Southsea, was caught red-handed on CCTV breaking into All About Tea in Middle Street on Sunday morning.

CCTV captures John Paul Phillips breaking in to All About Tea

CCTV captures John Paul Phillips breaking in to All About Tea

Twenty four hours later, the 46-year-old had been arrested, charged and had appeared before Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court.

His victim Andrew Gadsden said: ‘The police have done an absolutely fantastic job in arresting somebody the same day of the offence and getting it into court the next day and introducing such overwhelming evidence that he had no choice but to plead guilty.

‘He has done everything he can when realising that the game is up to reduce his sentence.

‘I will be writing a victim impact statement so the court knows how this has affected me and my business.’

Andrew said he and his staff believe the offender had been in the shop before.

‘A few weeks ago we had a really odd bloke come in the shop and a couple of my colleagues dealt with him.

‘He was asking what the most expensive teas we sell are and what they are.’

Andrew uploaded CCTV footage of the break-in on social media hours after it was discovered.

‘I want people to know what he has done in the hope that people know him and will be careful of him,’ he said.

Phillips will be sentenced by magistrates on Monday.