‘Senseless’ vandals smash windows of Cosham shops in overnight attack

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FOUR shops have had their windows badly damaged by ‘senseless’ vandals in a suspected overnight attack in Cosham.

Four shops in the High Street - Large & Large Opticians, a former Oxfam Shop, Barnardo’s and Cosham Decor have all had window panes badly damaged.

The Barnardo’s shop, which helps the charity to support vulnerable children, is the worst hit, and has had to stay closed for the day.

A police car was in the area this morning and an officer met businesses to take information.

Barnardo’s store manager Dave Lawrence said: ‘It’s just senseless. We are going to lose a day of trade. The cost to repair the windows will be thousands.

‘To attack a charity is just unbelievable. I feel sorry for the people at Cosham Decor, it’s their own business.’

Hampshire Constabulary say the attacks happened sometime between 7pm yesterday and 7am this morning.

Anyone with who saw this incident or has information should contact 101, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, where details can be provided anonymously.