Serial burglar Portsmouth jailed after his £10,000 spree

JAILED Otis Tomney
JAILED Otis Tomney

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A THIEF who stole more than £10,000 worth of jewellery from homes has been jailed.

Otis Tomney targeted the homes while people were out at work during the day and also stole war medals and children’s toys.

Between July and September this year, he raided six houses in Portsmouth to fund his drug habit.

The 29-year-old was jailed for three-and-a-half years at Portsmouth Crown Court after the judge heard he already had a string of previous convictions.

Superintendent Darren O’Callaghan said: ‘The actions of Otis Tomney led to the loss of many items of great sentimental value to Portsmouth residents and the upset of their homes being invaded.

‘We hope this conviction sends a message to all that burglary remains a priority for us. We will continue to work as hard as we possibly can to bring criminals to justice and keep Portsmouth a safe place to live.’

Tomney’s latest spree started on July 6 when he broke into a house in St Thomas’s Street, Old Portsmouth.

There he stole expensive items of electrical equipment, including a laptop, PlayStation 3, a sat nav and two iPods.

Then, on July 28, he raided a house in Westwood Road, Hilsea.

He took a large quantity of jewellery, including a diamond ring worth £1,600.

Days later, on August 1, Tomney burgled a house in Oakwood Road, Hilsea, and stole £1,000 worth of jewellery and two televisions.

He also got away with a laptop and cash.

Later that month, on August 28 he stole navy medals, a couple’s wedding rings, a camcorder and an iPod from a house in Meredith Road, North End.

On August 31 he broke into a house in Battenburg Avenue, North End, and stole jewellery and three watches.

Finally on September 8 he broke into a house in Shadwell Road, North End, and took a child’s pink scooter, an iPod, a camcorder and more than £2,000 worth of jewellery.

He was caught as a result of forensic evidence found at one of the houses.

Tomney, of St Paul’s Square, Southsea, pleaded guilty to six counts of burglary when he appeared at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court.

Only a small number of items stolen in one raid have been recovered.