Serious case review finds Portsmouth schoolgirl rapist was not monitored properly

  • Rapist was released from custody but not monitored online
  • He went on to groom teenager and raped her
  • Serious case review finds he should have been monitored
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A TEENAGE sex offender who went on to rape a 15-year-old girl after being released from custody was not supervised properly, a serious case review has found.

Authorities did not check 19-year-old Charlie White’s Facebook account when he was released for a previous sex crime.

I believe if they had checked his internet and Facebook that it wouldn’t have happened

Victim’s mother

Now his second victim’s mother has said her daughter would never have been attacked if authorities had done their job.

White, of White Hart Lane, Fareham, was nine weeks out of custody when he arranged to meet the Portsmouth girl through Facebook and raped her last December.

He was jailed for five years earlier this year sparking a serious case review (SCR) looking into why he was not monitored closely.

Speaking to The News his traumatised victim’s mother, who has been told errors were made, said: ‘I believe if they had checked his internet and Facebook that it wouldn’t have happened.

‘Maybe they thought “he’s young and done a silly thing”, that he’s not going to do it again – but they shouldn’t have risked it.

‘He’s never going to change and will always have that urge to do what he does.’

White had been locked up for a sex assault on a 13-year-old girl when he was just 16.

When released he was meant to be under Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA), and closely monitored by probation and other authorities.

The SCR has not been published but The News understands it reveals his internet use was not looked at, MAPPA authorities did not meet on White’s release meaning public protection was delayed and a manager did not attend a meeting.

Simon Hayes, Hampshire’s police and crime commissioner, said he felt ‘genuine sympathy’ with the victim and her mother. He said: ‘I share the concerns of the victim’s mother, and would have expected the process put in place to protect society from Charlie White to have prevented his further offending, and so the rape of her daughter.

‘The MAPPA process is usually very successful in preventing reoffending, but clearly, in this case it didn’t.

‘I will be asking what went wrong and why. I particularly need an understanding how White’s internet access was or was not monitored. Learning must come from the case, so that nothing like this happens again.’

During sentencing at Portsmouth Crown Court in July the judge said White asked his victim to delete incriminating Facebook messages.

She had asked why he had not stopped when she wanted him to.

‘That reflects the gravity of what occurred and you, not surprisingly, made three suggestions that the conversation should be deleted but it wasn’t,’ Recorder Nicholas Atkinson QC said.

Officials who visited the victim’s mother at her home said extra steps would be put in place when White is eventually released again.

‘That’s no good to me because it’s too late for us – it’s happened to us,’ she said.

‘I just can’t believe none of them were doing their job and allowed it to go on.’

A Hampshire police statement said it invests heavily in public protection and managing offenders.

‘It is a duty we take very seriously,’ it said and added learning will be acted on.