Seven ways to help keep your children safe online

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As Hampshire Police warn that youngsters on Facebook are being targeted by people claiming to be Isil supporters, here are top tips for helping your children to stay safe online.

The News is publishing these for parents after Hampshire police said school pupils had been sent friend requests on Facebook from profiles claiming to be linked to the terror group.

The force is warning people not to accept the requests.

Officers have advised parents:-

1. Don’t trust what strangers say online.

2. Make sure your child does not arrange to meet anyone they’ve spoken to and explain dangers to hem.

3. Encourage children to keep personal information to themselves.

4. Use the internet with your child.

5. Help them set up any social media profiles.

6. Consider signing up for your own profiles to understand them better.

7. Read the website’s privacy policy.

These tips have come from Hampshire police’s own advice here.