Sex abuse victim says he suffered a life sentence

Mike Green
Mike Green

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THE victim of a predatory paedophile jailed for abusing young boys says he was left with a life sentence.

Pervert Mike Green targeted his vulnerable teenage victims in the early 1980s, including at Havant Cycle Speedway Club, which is now closed.

He was jailed for nine years yesterday and Judge Anthony Niblett, sitting at Hove Crown Court, said the 71-year-old had been in denial about his sexuality for decades and had managed to convince himself that the offences never happened.

But he had in fact wreaked emotional and psychological trauma on his victims which shaped their lives.

In a statement after the hearing one of the victims, who was aged between 13 and 15 at the time of the abuse, said: ‘The impact that this man has had on me and on my life has been like a life sentence, and today I can find some closure as justice has been done.

‘The support from the police and their belief in my case has been invaluable and I would strongly encourage anyone who has been abused to come forward. You will be taken seriously.’

He was in court to see Green jailed for nine years – eight years for rape, 12 months for indecent assault, and a further 12 months, to run concurrently, for a second count of indecent assault.

Green was also a coach at Crawley Tigers Cycle Speedway Club and, following his conviction last month, it emerged he had links with paedophile Roy Whiting, who killed seven-year-old schoolgirl Sarah Payne in West Sussex in 2000.

The link between the sick pair emerged through a photograph of them grinning next to each other at a speedway awards ceremony.

Green, from Hove, is said to have been a ‘mentor’ for pervert Whiting.

Judge Niblett said that, despite both his victims now being physically strong men, they had struggled to come to terms with what had happened.

Regarding Green’s rape victim, Judge Niblett said: ‘By your actions you caused him physical pain and emotional harm.

‘But, far more significantly, you caused him emotional and psychological trauma from which he has suffered to this day. He had no-one to turn to for help at that stage in his life.’

He added: ‘He kept the secret of what you had done to him until well into his adult life.

‘His adolescence and early adult life were afflicted by alcohol and drug abuse, used to block out what had happened.

‘Only in later years, when he remarried, helped and supported by his wife, has he been able to unburden himself and begin to come to terms with what has happened.’