Sex offences double in Hampshire as crime figures released

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  • Sex offences have nearly doubled in Hampshire according to police recorded crime figures
  • Violent crime has also incread but murders have dropped
  • New trial data shows there were 5.1 million cases of fraud in England and Wales
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CRIME in Hampshire has increased, according to latest figures released today.

Overall police recorded crime excluding fraud was 121,250 in the county for the year ending June 2015, up from 102,412 on the previous year.

Sex offences have nearly doubled from 1,963 to 3,858, according to numbers released by the Office for National Statistics today.

The ONS says sex offence numbers may show increased willingness of victims to report but may also reflect changes in recording, rather than actual victimisation.

And there were 33,987 recorded violent crimes against the person, up from 21,981.

Murders reduced from 18 to 14 as violent crimes with injuries went from 10,074 to 15,615.

Burglaries in the county increased from 10,870 to 11,182.

Chief Superintendent Jason Hogg, who leads on crime data for the force, said the increases in crime showed improvements in recording data.

He said: ‘The increase in the reporting of sexual offences is something that we welcome.

‘It is a reflection of the greater confidence the public has in coming forward to speak to us, but we still have more to do to build trust even further.’

The Crime Survey for England and Wales showed an estimated 6.5 million incidents of crime against households and resident adults (aged 16 and over) – an eight per cent decrease on the previous year’s survey.

It is lowest estimate since the CSEW began in 1981.

But there was a five per cent increase in police recorded crime compared with the previous year, with 4.3 million offences recorded in the year ending June 2015.

The ONS added: ‘A large part of this rise is thought to be due to improved compliance with national recording standards by police forces in the last year.’

As part of a trial for the CSEW people were asked about fraud between May and August this year.

The ONS said there were an estimated 5.1 million incidents of fraud, with 3.8 million adult victims in England and Wales in the 12 months prior to interview.

There were an estimated 2.5 million incidents of cyber crime falling under the Computer Misuse Act.

Just more than half of these involved financial loss.