‘Shamed’ man assaulted six people at motorcycle crash brother’s memorial celebration

Harry Stone outside court
Harry Stone outside court
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THE brother of a man killed in a motorcycle crash lashed out at a memorial party, assaulting six people.

Harry Stone was out with family celebrating the life of Daniel Stone, 25, who died overtaking a lorry in Gosport Road, Fareham, in March.

On the night in question, on your own admission, something happened and you suddenly lost control and behaved in a way, whilst inexcusable, was out of character

Judge Claudia Ackner

But after drinking at the party in Gosport Pool Arena, Stone, 24, assaulted six people and chased various others down the high street shortly after 11.30pm on July 20.

CCTV played at Portsmouth Crown Court showed him dressed in shorts and T-shirt as friends tried to stop him.

Stone, of Jessie Road, Gosport, punched pal Luke Disney who then fell into a wall in North Cross Street.

Medics put Mr Disney in an induced coma for three days and he lost hearing in one ear.

Matthew Lawson, prosecuting, said: ‘This was the family gathering for the defendant’s family in relation to his brother Dan Stone, who is sadly deceased. The date would have been his birthday.

‘It had been intended to celebrate his life.

‘The defendant suffered another bereavement, his mother sadly passed away.

‘During that evening the defendant had been drinking.’

Stone bowed his head as CCTV showed him assaulting a woman and remonstrating with Emma’s club security.

Witnesses described hearing shouting and screaming and seeing Stone being followed by his brother Kyle Cripps, who tried to calm him down as Stone squared up to people. He also knocked his father Phil to the ground.

In a statement, Mr Disney said: ‘I’m not able to play football, which was a normal weekly thing for me and I could socialise with mates.

‘I also did sparring and boxing but realise I will never be able to do this because of the risk of damage to my brain.

‘I find this hard to deal with and devastating.’

Daniel Reilly, defending, said machine operator Stone was ‘truly sorry’, adding: ‘He is shamed by the way he behaved and the way he let those close to him down at such a difficult time.’

Sentencing, judge Claudia Ackner said: ‘You essentially went into a lockdown of denial about the bereavement you had experienced.’

Handing Stone a two-year prison term suspended for two years with 35 rehabilitation activity days, the judge added: ‘I find the circumstances to be very unusual.’

Stone pleaded guilty to four counts of assault by beating relating to his father, David Randall, Danie McGhee and Danielle Pearl, assault occasioning actual bodily harm on Christopher Cook who was punched in the face, GBH on Mr Disney, affray and unlawful escape from custody after he fled police and handed himself in the next day.