Shock after court hears drugs den complaints lost

Portsmouth Crown Court

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PEOPLE living in a block of flats have spoken of their shock after a court heard that complaints about a drugs den in the building were lost.

As reported, magistrates ordered Clint Herlihy’s one-bed flat in Blake Court, South Street, Gosport, to be closed for three months.

Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court heard residents were scared of Herlihy, who has been living there for the past three-and-a-half years, and made many complaints about anti-social behaviour.

The court heard issues span from the use and selling of drugs, drug users coming to the flats ‘at all hours of the day and night’ along with loud music being played and residents being disturbed by having their buzzers rung.

Some of the flats were run by housing association A2Dominion until January 2013, when they were taken over by Hyde Housing.

Prosecutor Louise Ravencroft told the court paperwork had been lost or destroyed.

A 55-year-old resident said: ‘A lot of people have complained because of all the shenanigans going on.

‘It’s more work for the police, I think it’s a shame.

‘We expect our landlord to look out for us and they’re not looking out for us.’

Herlihy’s top-floor flat has been shut and anyone entering it could be prosecuted.

Miss Ravenscroft had said some of the complaints include blood and urine being sprayed on the walls of the lobby, dog faeces on the floors despite animals being banned, and dirty needles dropped on the floor.

She told the court: ‘This is only a snippet of what has been complained about.

‘A2Dominion was the housing association in charge and then was taken over by Hyde Housing in January last year. Unfortunately all of the paperwork has been lost or destroyed.

‘The residents feel let down by the housing association. I’m sure they could have easily worked out there has been a breach of his tenancy but they have not bothered.

‘The residents feel like nothing will ever be done and they have been condemned to this awful environment.’

Jane Ball, regional director of Hyde Group, said: ‘As part of the housing stock transfer, we took possession of documents relating to Blake Court last January.

‘We were unaware of any anti-social behaviour at the time of the transfer of the properties, and no documents have gone missing since they have been in our possession.’

Anna Burridge, south area director at A2Dominion, said all files had been handed over.