Shock as Gosport vandals slash tyres on 10 cars in minutes

Tammy Murray and her dad Jim in front o f their car
Tammy Murray and her dad Jim in front o f their car

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ANGRY residents will have to fork out thousands of pounds after vandals slashed tyres on 10 cars and vans.

Each of the vehicles parked in Middlecroft Lane in Gosport and adjoining Northcroft Road had one or two tyres slashed at about 6.30pm on Tuesday.

The damage – which car owners living in Northcroft Road say was done by teenagers – was spotted as the hooded youths ran away.

Jim Murray, 61, of Northcroft Road said he had to pay £116 to get two tyres replaced yesterday morning.

He was late to his twice-a-month bus-driving volunteer job for a disabled club.

He said: ‘As my daughter was on the phone I was checking how many cars had been damaged and there were about four or five in the space of five minutes. Just about every car they’ve hit is being used for disabled people.

‘My daughter is disabled so I’ve got the car for her.’

All of the eight cars and two vans were parked on kerbs and, with vandals targeting the roadside tyres.

Mr Murray added a neighbour saw two boys and two girls down the end of the road yesterday evening.

Mr Murray’s daughter Tammy, 28, said: ‘It’s absolutely terrible.

‘Most people that have spoken about it have said: “what did they get out of it?”

‘People need cars to get about and they’re just getting their jollies out of it.

‘If the police find them they should make those kids pay for every single wheel on everybody’s car. And if they don’t pay for it because they’re too young to have the money for it then their parents should be held responsible.’

Pete Ken, 58, lives across from the Murray family and said he saw the youths run past as he opened his door.

He said: ‘I could hear some lads going past and the dogs started to kick off and I heard one of the nippers shout they’d better make a run for it.

‘Then I could hear the hissing. By the time I came out, they’d run down the end of the cul-de-sac and there’s no way out, so they were on their way back up.’

Police Safer Neighbourhood teams were patrolling in cars and on bikes making enquiries. Call police on 101.