Shock as naked woman roams the streets in rush hour

SHOCK: The naked woman
SHOCK: The naked woman

Teens cause pub damage

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CHILDREN on their way to school were among those shocked to see a distressed naked woman roaming the streets at 8.30am.

The 25-year-old woman, who was soon detained by police, was wearing nothing but her glasses and carrying a handbag as she made her way down Highland Road and Albert Road in Southsea – passing two schools during the Friday morning rush hour.

The woman drew baffled looks from drivers and angry comments from mothers as she walked near Craneswater Junior School and Southsea Infant School.

Eyewitnesses say the woman removed her clothes outside PJs Guitar Centre on Highland Road.

Lollipop man Chick Fowler, who patrols outside Craneswater Junior School, said: ‘She took her clothes off, which frightened one of the little boys.

‘She was walking along and saying she wanted the police. I offered to take my coat off and for her to come down to the school but she said no.’

Motorists on their way to work couldn’t believe their eyes. Builder Ricki Wake, 45, from Southsea, said: ‘I was on my way to work on and I just saw this woman leisurely strolling along with nothing but glasses on and a handbag.

‘She was getting a lot of angry looks and cars were tooting their horns. There were a lot of mothers on the school run saying things and they were pulling their kids’ heads away so they didn’t see her. She was heading in the direction of a school and there were a few angry comments made. She looked like she was making comments back.’

The naked woman walked down Highland Road but began running when she got to Albert Road.

A worker at Mumms Cafe, Albert Road, who asked to remain anonymous, said: ‘I saw a lady running down the street naked with just a bag.

‘There were some guys outside, who said she had been shouting something like call the police.’

The woman made her way down Albert Road to the junction with Waverley Road.

Brian Young, school crossing patroller at the junction, said: ‘We saw the woman about 8.25am.

‘She was running down the street and came from the direction of the Eastney Health Centre.

‘She was on the other side of the road to us and when she got to the top two police cars came and took her away. All she had was her handbag and passport.’

Tim Feltham, Hampshire Constabulary spokesman for police in Portsmouth, said: ‘A 25-year-old woman was detained for her own safety and was later released from police custody.’