Shock as video of brutal assault in Portsmouth is posted on internet

Cheltenham Road. Picture: Google Maps

Man, 27, arrested after house burglary investigation

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IN the early hours of the morning, a fight breaks out by a fast food kiosk.

A man collapses to the floor after being punched in the face.

The fight at The Hard

The fight at The Hard

He then gets to his feet and tries to confront his attacker.

But when a girl – believed to be the attacker’s partner – gets in the way, the victim is pulled to the ground and met with more punches and kicks.

On the other side of the road a man videos the assault on his phone as the victim is momentarily rendered unconscious. And instead of going over to help, the man behind the camera gloats at the sight of the victim under attack.

The video has been uploaded to YouTube under the name Knock Out Street Fight in Portsmouth.

The caption reads: ‘Waiting for a mate getting a kebab and this unfolded right before our eyes.’

It adds: ‘Very entertaining.’

After the first punch is thrown, the person filming tells his friend: ‘I’ve got this on video, mate.’ They both laugh as the staggering victim tries to get up.

At the end the friend says they should ‘do it again’.

Police are investigating the incident, which took place at about 2.30am outside The Pompey Stand Up, at The Hard, in Portsmouth, on Sunday.

Shocked business owners condemned the attack – and those who used the violent footage for entertainment.

David Grist, manager of The Keppel’s Head Hotel, at The Hard, said: ‘I can’t believe they could stand there and do a video. I think the problem is people are scared to get involved themselves – but you wouldn’t stand and watch it.

‘Any normal person would either walk away or ring the police.’

Les Underwood, manager of The Pompey Stand Up, said: ‘I never saw anything personally.

‘But staff told me there was a fight out there at that time in the morning.

‘It’s disgusting and disgraceful they filmed it. Every Friday and Saturday night we get some drunken abuse.

‘We get cups of tea, chips and sauce thrown at us.’

Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock said: ‘To stand by and not prevent it and then have the gall to film it is beyond belief. It’s animal-like behaviour.

‘I don’t know what you can do to stop two men having a dispute in the street. There is no quick fix.’

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesman said: ‘Officers made initial enquiries and searched for a man suspected of assault in the area. No formal allegations of a crime were made to police by anyone at the scene.’ Anyone with information can contact police on 101.

Taxi firm says The Hard is a hot spot for problems

THE manager of a taxi firm condemned the video of the assault – and said his drivers were always spotting incidents happening at The Hard.

Tony Jefferson, of City Wide Taxis, which is based at The Hard, said: ‘We see this kind of thing happen every night. It doesn’t seem like the right thing to say, but the drivers get blasé about it. It’s just another incident.

‘But filming it is absolutely disgusting.

‘It doesn’t seem fair that they should get a kick out of someone else’s misery.’