Shock at Cosham attack

Police in Colwell Road
Police in Colwell Road
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Six arrested after drugs operation in Portsmouth

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There has been widespread shock at news that another woman has been attacked in the north of Portsmouth.

Police are hunting a man who they say assaulted a woman at King George V playing fields today. There are unconfirmed reports that she was stabbed.

Police in Colwell Road

Police in Colwell Road

Officers say it is too early to know whether or not the assault is connected to two other stabbing attacks on women in the north of the city.

As police hunted the suspect, people in the area expressed shock at what had happened.

Tiff Wagg said: ‘Seriously Portsmouth seems to have more crime than ever the last few weeks.

‘If someone has been stabbed - God I hope not - then I am seriously considering moving.

‘If you aren’t being stabbed, you are being robbed. If you aren’t being robbed, your being sexually assaulted, if not you, then your kids are. How much more!?’

Neil Hayden said: ‘This is getting worse, but again the police won’t say, I think they need to up patrols.’

Tracy Clements said: ‘Lets hope they catch the person/persons soon. Portsmouth is unsafe at the moment.’

And Lorrie Slee echoed her views, saying: ‘I am petrified to go out now!’