Shutting Fareham nightclub an hour early cuts trouble

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THE number of violent incidents reported at a Fareham nightclub has been reduced by more than 70 per cent after its opening hours were cut.

Chicago Rock Cafe in Vannes Parade has been closing an hour earlier since September last year after police raised concerns.

Now, it has been revealed that the number of violent incidents reported at the venue has decreased from 37 in the six months before last September to 10 in the last six months.

Fareham’s licensing officer PC Jason Pearce said: ‘We have been very proactive in making sure we have got plenty of officers around and seeking out those offenders and removing them.

‘That’s been a contributing factor as well as the cutback in hours.

‘However we have to keep our foot on the gas and always strive for more.

‘The cutting-back of hours has definitely made a difference.’

Last year officers at Fareham Borough Council’s licensing panel ordered Chicago Rock Cafe to stop serving drinks at 1am – an hour earlier – in a bid to reduce drunk and disorderly behaviour.

‘We are pleased with the reduction but there is still work to be done to get even better results,’ added PC Pearce.

‘The aim is to keep Fareham as safe at night as possible so that people want to come to Fareham.

‘There are lots of considerations.

‘We are continually striving.

‘Some things are very simple like making sure that we are out there at the key times, so we’re always near and interacting with people and finding the troublesome people and getting them out.

‘We are always looking to be creative and find any ways we can help reduce the crime.’

PC Pearce said it’s also about working with the management.

‘As long as they are responding then that goes to some way of helping us,’ he said.

‘The results have come about with efforts from ourselves and from Fareham Borough Council.’

No-one was available from Chicago Rock Cafe for a comment.