Sick cat owner who microwaved his pet walks free from court

YOB Stephen Stacey
YOB Stephen Stacey
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A MAN who microwaved his pet cat has walked free from court.

Stephen Stacey told witnesses he intended to kill his pet either by throwing it out of the window or microwaving it.

SAFE RSPCA inspector Mike Garrity with Nancy who is recovering at Stubbington Ark.    Picture: Malcolm Wells (112958-3154)

SAFE RSPCA inspector Mike Garrity with Nancy who is recovering at Stubbington Ark. Picture: Malcolm Wells (112958-3154)

His girlfriend Jade Hatherley had run terrified to their neighbour Simon Allen’s flat desperately asking for help.

When Mr Allen and his girlfriend Michelle Bradley reached the flat they were met by a horrifying scene in the early hours of February 25.

Stacey told them the cat had scratched him and when they asked where the animal was he opened the microwave.

Prosecutor Sarah Wheadon said: ‘A black cat walked out with his tongue hanging out and collapsed on the side of the kitchen surface.

‘The defendant told Mr Allen he intended to kill the cat either by throwing it out of the window or putting it in the microwave.’

Miss Bradley took the cat to her flat and phoned the RSPCA.

An RSPCA officer arrived at around 4am to find the cat laying lethargically on the sofa with her head lowered and breathing heavily.

Her eyes were half closed and the tops of her eyes were bright red.

The officer then placed the cat in the bath and poured cold water over it before taking it to the emergency vet. For several hours the cat refused food and could not urinate. It was weak and could just about lift its head. The tip of her tongue was bruised and looked like it had been bitten.

The cat was put on a drip, given painkillers and antibiotics to try and stop the internal damage.

Mrs Wheadon said: ‘On March 4 the cat appeared to be progressing well but the vet confirmed it had suffered significantly and was still traumatised.

‘It had suffered from acute stress and cellular and multi systemic damage consistent with microwaves.’

The jobless 20-year-old of Omega Street, Somers Town, Portsmouth, denied a charge of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal, but was found guilty after a trial.

Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court heard Stacey had moved to get away from the bad influence of his former friends and had given up alcohol.

Richard Buckland, chairman of bench, said: ‘It was a deliberate act to seriously injure an animal causing a high level of stress and suffering against a defenceless animal.’

Stacey was given 16 weeks in prison suspended for 18 months and an 18 month supervision order. He also had a six week curfew from 7pm to 7am and was banned from keeping animals for life.

RSPCA hits out at yob’s deplorable behaviour

THE two-year-old cat has amazed staff at the Stubbington Ark with her recovery.

She is now a happy, healthy animal who staff have renamed Nancy.

Sick Stephen Stacey crudely named the cat ‘come on then’, an aggressive phrase used by people in a bid to start a fight.

Speaking outside the court RSPCA inspector Mike Garrity said: ‘The sentence was the court’s decision and I have no power over it.

‘But he has been disqualified from keeping animals which is a benefit for all animals in future.

‘Most people will be outraged and horrified by this heinous act. It is quite deplorable.’

He added: ‘She has made a full recovery and we can now start making moves to get her rehomed for the rest of her life, in a peaceful, caring environment, which every cat deserves.

‘She has made a really good recovery, despite what she’s been through.

‘She’s still a bit wary of males. She’s fine with females but a little bit timid with male staff.

‘She’s a lovely cat.’

To offer Nancy a home contact the Ark on 01329 666900.