Sighting of Karl Law gives relatives hope

Karl Law, third from left
Karl Law, third from left

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RELATIVES of missing Karl Law say they have been given a huge boost in their search for the missing father-of-one.

A German man who works with homeless people told family members he is ‘100 per cent sure’ he saw the 34-year-old on the streets of Prague four days ago.

The man said he spotted Mr Law, from Fareham, five minutes from the hotel where family members on the search for him have been staying since he vanished.

While relatives found nothing after going there afterwards, they met up with the worker last night in the hope they will finally be able to track down Mr Law.

The builder disappeared while on a stag do with a group of 13 people for his cousin Lee Cross on Saturday, November 15.

Though there have been alleged sightings since, Mr Cross says the latest is a breakthrough and has given everyone renewed hope.

The 41-year-old said: ‘We spoke to a bloke today and he said he is 100 per cent sure he saw Karl three or four days ago.

‘He is a German man who works on the streets with homeless people.

‘It was literally five minutes from the hotel in a coach station.

‘It’s a stone’s throw away from the hotel and the man was adamant it was him.

‘It’s amazing. It gives us a massive lift and I feel this is the closest we have got to Karl.

‘There has been nothing else which has made me feel more confident – and the man seems a nice person.’

As reported, an official statement released by Czech police said Mr Law was seen on Monday, November 17.

It said Mr Law looked ‘intoxicated and confused’ as he had been drinking and allegedly taking drugs.

Posts have also been put on Facebook this week claiming Mr Law, from Fareham, had been seen in a shopping area and somewhere else in the city.

This weekend marks two weeks since his disappearance and relatives will revisit pubs they went to on the stag-do to try and jog people’s memory.

The family have drafted in a private investigator to help.

Mr Cross said: ‘We will go to the same pubs on the route we took and we hope it will jog people’s memories.

‘We have been out on the tram right to the end of the line and we have been putting out more posters.’