Southsea man caught with knife avoids a jail sentence

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DFS in Waterlooville. Photo: Google

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POLICE found a knife on a man after a report of him being drunk and disorderly.

Aaron Swainbank was searched by police after being arrested in Palmerston Road, Southsea.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard how Swainbank had drunk two bottles of wine at home and had then gone out and had beer and shots.

He claimed he had found the knife in a toilet earlier in the night and had put it in his pocket but was not intending to use it.

He was not charged with the drunk offence but pleaded guilty to possession of knife in public.

Judge Vaughan Jones QC, said: ‘I accept that it’s a matter of chance and stupidity that you took possession of the knife.

‘There was no suggestion that this knife was used to threaten or frighten.’

Swainbank, 26, of Westfield Road, Southsea was given a 14-week prison sentence, suspended for two years. He will have 12 months of treatment for his alcohol problem and was told to pay £300 in costs.