Special school in Fareham is vandalised again

Headteacher Steve Hollinghurst outside the school
Headteacher Steve Hollinghurst outside the school
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A SPECIAL school has been closed for the day after it was broken into again.

St Francis Special School in Fareham suffered three break-ins over the half term break and it has been vandalised again over the weekend.

As a result, the school has now been closed for the day while an investigation is carried out and the mess is cleaned up.

It’s believed windows have been smashed and the walls have been covered in graffiti.

Headteacher Steve Hollinghurst said: “The school has suffered from a severe attack by vandals over the weekend. Police are currently investigating.

‘The damage is extensive and as such I have made the decision to close the school until at least Wednesday. This is for the safety of the children, to aid the police investigation and to enable a clear up to begin.’