Speed camera goes up in flames after arson

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ARSONISTS set fire to a speed camera.

A tyre was set alight on top of the speed camera on the A259 next to Southbourne Farm Shop, Southbourne, near Emsworth.

Road safety campaigners today condemned the arson attack.

Chris Bulbeck, who runs the farm shop and is the chairman of Southbourne Parish Council, suffered damage to the field and hedges that he owns.

He said: ‘It’s damaged my property as well, I have got to sort that out with the insurance.

‘The cattle would have got out if there was no hedge there.

‘The camera slows traffic down as it approaches Southbourne. It was probably somebody very angry at getting caught.’

The arson attack happened just before 5am on Wednesday, August 3.

Phil Henty, operations manager at the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, which is responsible for speed cameras across the county, said: ‘When a safety camera is vandalised, it shows contempt for fellow road users as they are installed based upon evidence of road vehicle collisions, the resultant casualties and excessive speeds.

‘The money being spent on repairing or replacing damaged cameras should be spent on delivering other front-line public services – not clearing up after those who pay no heed to public safety.’

Anyone with any information should call 0845 60 70 999.