Speeding drivers: Highest speeds - and numbers of offenders - on Hampshire roads

A mobile speed camera
A mobile speed camera
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Thousands of drivers have been caught by mobile speed cameras on arterial routes across the area – and the numbers are going up each year, we can reveal.

Figures obtained by The News show 10,084 drivers were caught in 2016/17, up from 8,891 the previous year and 8,351 the year before.

The highest speed recorded in the latest figures was 119mph on the A3 between Horndean and Petersfield.

Community speed monitoring groups have branded the speeders ‘dangerous’, and a leading road safety charity has called for tougher penalties on dangerous drivers.

It comes as police forces across the country have finished a week-long crackdown on drivers using mobile phones at the wheel.

All roads policing officers’ shifts are set to be changed in May as the force wants more police out on the roads during peak times.

The figures show the second highest speed recorded, at 116mph, in 2016/17 was on the A3 between A272 Petersfield and Ham Barn Roundabout.

Robert Blake, 72, was a member of Titchfield Speedwatch until it disbanded in August last year. Nearly 600 drivers were caught speeding on the A27 at Titchfield, with the highest at 82mph. The number caught is an increase from 162 in 2014/15 and 175 the following year. He said the overall increase was ‘disgraceful’.

Mr Blake, of Gardner Road, said: ‘There’s definitely a hardcore percentage of drivers who couldn’t care about speeding. This hardcore never did anything, never braked. They really couldn’t care a fig, they just do it and to hell with everybody else, which is a shame and it’s very dangerous. It’s disgraceful, to put it in a nutshell, that sort of speed.’

Separate figures from Sussex police show the worst speeders on the A27 between Chichester and Emsworth.

A driver was clocked at 131mph at Norton Lane, Aldingbourne in 2015/16, and one at 118mph in Newells Lane, West Ashling in 2014/15.

The A27 Spur Road, Delme Arms flyover, in Fareham, has seen one of the biggest increases in drivers caught.

Just 104 and 129 drivers were clocked speeding in the two years before 2016/17 but 748 were seen in this year. The top speed recorded was 71mph.

Other variations show nobody was caught in Anglesea Road until 2016/17, when 308 people were caught.

Hampshire police said changes were commonplace, and in Anglesea Road camera vans were now being used.

In Southwick Road, North Boarhunt, the number caught has dropped to 19 from 401 in the year before. Lucy Amos, a spokeswoman for Brake, the road safety charity, said: ‘It is appalling to see the increasing number of speeding offences recorded in Hampshire over the past few years. Speed is a contributory factor in one in four fatal crashes in the UK – crashes that have a devastating impact on those left seriously injured or bereaved.

‘Brake urges the government to issue stronger penalties to discourage drivers who drive dangerously, and provide the police with the resources necessary to enforce the rules of the road.’

A Hampshire police spokesman said: ‘In addition to using fixed and mobile safety cameras, roads policing officers carry out targeted speed enforcement, and take part in national campaigns to educate motorists.’

He said drivers were offered speed awareness courses.


The head of an organisation representing cyclists has expressed disappointment over the increase in drivers speeding. It comes as figures show an increase in drivers caught by mobile speed cameras on roads, many of which are dual carriageways and shared by cyclists.

Acting chair of Portsmouth Cycle Forum Ian Saunders told The News: ‘Whether you’re doing 60mph in a 50mph, or 70 in a 40, or 30 in a 20 on residential roads on Portsea Island, it’s all endangering people moving about their own business.

‘Anything that can be done is obviously going to be beneficial to all vulnerable road users, and particularly cyclists, from our point of view, given the casualty statistics for the city that remain at the top of the country’s statistics, as the worst in the country.’

He added: ‘It’s very disappointing because it does put cyclists in danger on those roads, especially with Southwick if you’re going over the hill or coming up the hill.’


A27 Cams Hill, Fareham 65 65mph

A27 The Avenue, Fareham 21 62mph

A27 Bassett Green Road, Southampton 24 48mph

A27 Bridge Road, Sarisbury 397 53mph

A27 East Street Portchester 66 53mph

A27 Southampton Road, Titchfield 595 82mph

A27 Spur Road (Delme Arms flyover), Fareham 748 71mph

A27 The Avenue, Fareham 0 n/a

A27 West Street, Portchester 113 51mph

A27 Western Way, Fareham 0 n/a

A3 - A272 Petersfield to Ham Barn roundabout 1428 116mph

A3 - A3M to B2070 1709 119mph

A3 Longmoor Road, Liphook to Grayshott 1711 108mph

A3 Griggs Green interchange 0 n/a

A3 Queen Elizabeth Country Park 960 105mph

A3 Anglesea Road, Portsmouth 308 51mph

A3 London Road, Clanfield 3 85mph

A32 Warnford 10 52mph

A32 - West Meon Hut to Sages Lane 3 71mph

A32 - North West of West Meon Hut 6 88mph

A32 Gosport Road, Farringdon 429 54mph

A32 Midlington Road, Droxford 278 68mph

A32 School Road, Wickham 91 45mph

A32 Warnford Road, Corhampton 152 52mph

B2177 Portsdown Hill Road, near Crookhorn Lane junction 28 57mph

B2177 Portsdown Hill Road, near Widley Walk 21 55mph

B2177 Southwick Road, North Boarhunt 19 45mph

B2177 Southwick Road, Southwick 3 79mph

B2177 Winchester Road, Shedfield 2 51mph

B2177 Winchester Road, Waltham Chase 259 54mph

M3 Motorway, near Winchester 235 110mph