Speedwatch looking for volunteers to get scheme up and running

Fareham Speedwatch is looking for volunteers
Fareham Speedwatch is looking for volunteers
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VOLUNTEERS are being urged to come forward and help catch speeding drivers to make roads in Fareham safer.

A speedwatch scheme – in which volunteers man speed guns to warn motorists – was set up this year but has not been able to start due to a lack of interest from residents.

There are two similar schemes nearby – one in Warsash and one in Titchfield ­ which are run by groups of volunteers, however they are also desperately in need of more people to take part.

PCSO Jessica McNally, who covers Fareham South, has been trying 
to recruit for the scheme for six months.

She said: ‘I’m in desperate need of volunteers to get this scheme off the ground.

‘We don’t have any at the moment. I held the last recruitment drive in May and we didn’t get anybody sign up.

‘We are trying to get things moving, but it is disappointing as we can’t run it without the volunteers.’

PCSO McNally set up a stall in Fareham town centre to try and encourage people to sign up but did not attract any interest.

The scheme, which would cover Portchester across to Catisfield, including Highlands and Fort Fareham and Fareham town centre, relies on volunteers to take to the streets in small groups with speed guns and flashing signs.

They record any incidents of speeding and a warning letter is sent to the offender.

If somebody gets three letters, their details are passed to the police.

The data they collect is also used to highlight areas with particular safety concerns to both the police and council.

All volunteers are given training by Hampshire Constabulary and they can commit to anything from just a couple of hours month.

Fareham East ward councillor Katrina Trott said she had also been trying to get people to sign up.

She said: ‘It’s an excellent idea and I’m sorry that volunteers have not come forward.’

Cllr Trott said that it would be especially useful to have teams patrol on roads such as Old Turnpike and Wickham Road , where there are often speeding motorists.

She added: ‘My message to people is to come forward.’

To find out more or to volunteer email jessica.mcnally@hampshire.pnn.police.uk or call 101.

To join Titchfield’s Speedwatch email Kipperwalker35@gmail.com, in Warsash email david@dknight.co.uk.