Stark warning to arsonists from firefighters

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DFS in Waterlooville. Photo: Google

Chaos as gang of lads on bikes spray silly string in Waterlooville DFS

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FIREFIGHTERS are sending out a warning to arsonists after two fires were started over the weekend in Portsmouth.

Crews from Cosham were called to Twyford Avenue in Stamshaw, at 1.55am on Saturday to a small fire in an alleyway.

It is believed someone had deliberately set fire to some rubbish.

Just half an hour later, firefighters were sent to Gladys Avenue, in North End, where a minor fire had been started in a garage.

Following the fires watch manager Mark Norton, from Cosham fire station, issued a warning of the potential dangers.

He said: ‘Arson and deliberately starting a fire is not only illegal, it’s dangerous.

‘Whilst we are attending a fire, whether it’s deliberately caused or not, we tie up our resources which could be two fire engines or a specialist equipment unit from Cosham.

‘Any calls we get in would have to be attended by other local resources.

‘They could be attending a rubbish fire or a bin fire and they would be retained there until it’s put out.’

He added: ‘We do get the police involved with arson incidents and they will endeavour to find the perpetrators.

‘However small a fire is, it could spread on to another property and that could include dwellings where people are inside.’