‘Stray dogs ran riot through my home’

Kim Peskett and her dog Scooby a nine-month-old Staffie cross.'' ''Picture: Allan Hutchings (132764-427)
Kim Peskett and her dog Scooby a nine-month-old Staffie cross.'' ''Picture: Allan Hutchings (132764-427)
Portsmouth Magistrates Court.''Picture: Cesar Moreno Huerta

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POLICE allowed a boxer and a rottweiler-type dog to bound through a woman’s house.

Mum-of-two Kim Peskett has now made a formal complaint to police after alleging that stray dogs were allowed to run riot.

The 53-year-old claims a police woman arrived at her door with two large dogs off their leads.

To her dismay, the hounds then ran into her house, with Kim fearing they would kill or maim her puppy Scooby.

Kim claims she was threatened with arrest when she swore, yelling: ‘They are not my dogs’.

Kim, who lives in Middle Park Way, Leigh Park, said: ‘I had just come back from a wake at about 10pm.

‘I had been quite upset and I was going to have a cup of coffee and take the dog out.

‘Within five minutes, there was a knock at my door. I answered it and as the police woman said “Are these your dogs?”, two massive dogs came running into my house.

‘One looked like a rottweiler and the other a boxer. They were big. I thought they were going to kill my little dog.’

Kim said she was stunned to be threatened with arrest when she swore.

She said: ‘They were running around my house and the police lady said “if you say that again, I’m going to arrest you”. I explained the reason I had said it was because I had dogs running round my house and I had just come back from a wake.’

The dogs went upstairs and ate her pet’s food in the kitchen, but did not cause any major damage.

After Kim finally got the dogs out, she said she was stunned to receive another knock door five minutes later.

She said: ‘My dog had been in the kitchen and had messed up some bin liners.

‘I got him by the collar and said “you are a naughty boy”. My door knocked again. She said that she had just seen me pull the dog down the stairs by its collar. I said I had never hit the dog. I felt like she was goading me.’

Kim says she has no idea why police went to her house, although in the past she was a foster carer used by Havant’s dog wardens.

‘All I wanted was an apology and assurance I was being taken seriously and it would never happen again,’ she said.

‘I want to know why they didn’t keep these dogs in the car. Why bring them to my house?’

No-one was available for comment at Hampshire Constabulary.

A spokesman said the complaint had been reported.

He added: ‘We are looking at the circumstances.’