Street row with PCSO caught on film by cyclist

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Police officers at Athena Avenue. Picture: Malcolm Wells

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A ROW between a cyclist and a police officer has been seen by thousands online after the rider caught it on tape.

More than 54,400 people have ‘liked’ the recording John Gent filmed in Gosport High Street after he was stopped by a police community support officer.

John Gent

John Gent

It shows John, 21, from Portsmouth, asking the PCSO which law stops him from cycling on the High Street, before riding off laughing.

Speaking to The News, he said it was the second time he was stopped on Wednesday last week by the PCSO for being on his bike.

He said: ‘The video doesn’t cover all of it. I started recording because I felt alarmed and distressed by this officer because we’d spoken previously and she’d said “get off your bike”.’

He added that just before he was stopped, he was sitting on his bike and claims the officer stopped him as she thought he called her ridiculous.

‘That’s when I pulled out the recorder,’ he said. ‘But I don’t believe I was in any wrong there.

‘I’m pretty sure they can’t actually even ask me for my name and details, I looked online.’

The recording shows the PCSO speaking after John’s question about which law stops him from riding a bike.

She said: ‘Don’t get questionable, I asked you to get off the bike – and I hope you are recording this. You refused to get off the bike and when you did you told me I was ridiculous, and I told you the reason why you had to get off your bike.’

John denies he did so and the officer responds: ‘I’m not arguing with you, that’s what you said and that’s why I ended up stopping you and I will issue you with a ticket.’

A member of the public tells John about the signs prohibiting bike use – something he told The News are new additions since his last visit to the town.

He has uploaded a further video of two officers interviewing him at his home on Friday – they also recorded the encounter.

A police spokesman said: ‘A 21-year-old man from Portsmouth was interviewed under caution. He was not arrested. ‘The man was questioned on suspicion of breaching cycling legislation in Gosport High Street, failing to give his name and address to a PCSO, and making off while detained. Enquiries are continuing.’

John denies he was told he was being detained.