Supplier must wait to get cash he is owed

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A man who claims he is owed thousands of pounds after doing work for a festival will have to wait to find out whether he will get his cash.

Barry Newby, of Yorkshire firm Dezign Audio, started a claim against Dave Smith, 59, of St Thomas’s Road in Gosport saying he is owed £6,000 from GosFest in Walpole Park last year.

But at Portsmouth County Court yesterday he agreed to have his claim linked to Mr Smith’s claim against Paul Cobb, director of GosFest.

As reported, Mr Smith claims he is owed £13,000 by Mr Cobb, after the pair fell out at the festival and suppliers were left out of pocket.

Mr Newby took Mr Smith to court for the money but has now agreed to wait for the outcome of Mr Smith and Mr Cobb’s case.

The loser in that case could then be ordered to pay off Mr Newby’s bill.

The court heard yesterday that Mr Smith did not contest the audio system was supplied by Mr Newby’s firm.

Instead, the dispute is over who owes him the cash.

As reported, Mr Cobb is due to put on GosFest at Walpole Park from August 7 to August 10. A different group will run Gosport Waterfront Community Festival on July 18 to 20.