Support for campaign to end rape and abuse

What Portsmouth residents think of plans to hold ‘wargames’ in HMP Kingston

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STUDENTS are backing a campaign to end sexual violence.

It comes as part of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week, which ends today.

University of Portsmouth students are supporting Portsmouth Abuse and Rape Counselling Service. They are due to be at the Purple Door service today, where an anti-abuse film will be shown.

About 15 students volunteer for the charity on the charity’s helpline or in prevention work in schools and colleges.

Gemma Green, from Parcs, said: ‘Parcs is passionate about working with the local Portsmouth communities, including the University of Portsmouth.

‘Our volunteer mentor project and helpline service provide students with the opportunity to develop extra skills, self-awareness and the space to develop their understanding of sexual and domestic abuse and the root causes.

‘Parcs values the contribution volunteers bring to the organisation.’