Suspected burglar nabbed after boy’s quick thinking

HERO Shelly Hallawell with her son Tyler, who arrived home from school and disrupted a burglar. Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (13190-1)
HERO Shelly Hallawell with her son Tyler, who arrived home from school and disrupted a burglar. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (13190-1)
Police officers at Athena Avenue. Picture: Malcolm Wells

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HE’S my little hero. That’s how mum Shelly Hallawell has described her 11-year-old son Tyler, who caught a suspected burglar in their home.

Rather than getting flustered, Tyler stayed calm as he called police and alerted neighbours to what was happening in Shawford Grove, Leigh Park.

On Tuesday, Tyler came home at 1.45pm from Park Community School, in Middle Park Way, Havant.

He said: ‘I came home and could hear the dog barking so went to let him out.

‘I saw the conservatory window was smashed and thought something massive blown by the wind had hit the glass.

‘Then I thought someone had burgled us. I ran outside with my phone and called 999.

‘From outside I saw a pair of legs dangling from the window. Then he ran out of the house and into a parked car.’

Thanks to Tyler’s quick thinking, police were able to make an arrest 10 minutes later.

Tyler, who wants to be a policeman or join the army, said: ‘I was shocked, angry and nervous about what had happened.

‘I’m glad they caught someone 10 minutes later, I felt pretty happy that they did. I was scared, because there was someone in our house at the same time as me.

‘I’m glad I got out before they touched me. Leaving the house and calling 999 was the first thing that came to my mind.

‘I thought it’s just safer and easier to do that and the police can catch him, and that’s what they did.’

Shelly, 28, had been at work at Prinsted care home, in Emsworth, when she got the call.

She said: ‘On a Tuesday Tyler finishes earlier at 1.45pm and he lets himself in.

‘I got a phone call from Tyler while I was at work to say we were being burgled. I came straight home.

‘I’m chuffed with him, but feel bad for leaving him on his own.

‘I’m very proud of what he has done and that he kept himself safe – he’s a hero.

‘He should get a medal, or some sort of award for what he did.

‘I don’t think I would have reacted as calmly.’

The burglar stole items including a PlayStation, an Xbox, jewellery and an iPad.

‘All the stuff taken can be replaced, I’m just glad nothing happened to Tyler and he’s safe,’ added Shelly.

‘The things taken were Christmas presents and things the kids play with.

‘If anyone comes across the items, then I would urge them to hand it over to the police.’

· A man has been charged in relation to the burglary. He appeared before Portsmouth magistrates yesterday.