Suspected burglar needs to be rescued from roof of Portsmouth home

A suspected burglar is rescued by firefighters in North End
A suspected burglar is rescued by firefighters in North End
  • It’s thought the burglar had been there for around eight hours
  • Neighbours could hear noises in the night
  • Fire service needed to be called to help with rescue
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A SUSPECTED burglar needed to be rescued from a rooftop after he got stuck.

Residents in Crofton Road, North End, Portsmouth could hear noises at around 3.30am yesterday, but thought nothing of it.

A man had been clinging to the chimney on the roof opposite

Resident Valerie Brewerton

However, in the morning a man was seen hiding behind a chimney on a house roof.

In the end the man was too embarrassed to climb down a ladder, so police called the fire service who in turn brought its aerial ladder platform.

Valerie Brewerton, a grandmother who lives in the street, saw the drama unfold.

She said: ‘I was woken at about 3.30am by the screeching of seagulls from the rooftops across the road.

‘They were going crazy. It wasn’t until the morning I realised why.

‘A man had been clinging to the chimney on the roof opposite since at least then and had obviously disturbed them.

‘From the sounds of it, he had climbed all the way from the end of the road, along the rooftops and got stuck.

‘It was very unnerving. What really worried me was he could have fallen off.

‘And I felt very sorry for the people who live there.

‘It must have been an awful shock to see a man on their roof.’

One resident, who did not want to be named, said the police knocked on their door at around 10.30am, to ask if they had seen a man on the roof.

The resident said: ‘The policeman knocked on the door and told me, which was the first I heard about it.

‘We went into the back garden and looked up but couldn’t see anything at first. Then when we looked closely we could see a foot sticking out behind the chimney – we were shocked and couldn’t believe it.

‘The policeman asked this guy his name, and he answered, then he asked how he got up there and what he was doing, but the man said he couldn’t remember.

‘Then it all kicked off as the fire service had to be called because the guy didn’t want to come down.

‘A fair few people had gathered in the street and were watching.

‘When he did come down he was shivering and looked pretty cold.’

Hampshire Constabulary confirmed police officers were called to Crofton Road at 10.16am yesterday.

n A 43-year-old man was arrested for attempted burglary.