Suspected drug dealers snared in major police operation on Portsmouth roads

Nicholas Holley

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SUSPECTED drug dealers have been arrested in a crackdown launched on the city’s roads.

Hampshire’s roads policing units launched a major operation last week across the county to stop criminals using the roads.

Inspector Simon Hills led the police clampdown across the Portsmouth area

Inspector Simon Hills led the police clampdown across the Portsmouth area

Nearly 80 vehicles were seized and a digger, believed to be stolen and worth £12,000, was recovered.

In Portsmouth police snared an HGV driver piggy-backing another HGV – while the driver of the piggy-backed lorry was asleep in his cab.

Combined fines were imposed totalling £1,000.

Insp Simon Hills said: ‘We have targeted four locations over four days across the two force areas to deny criminals the use of the roads through our enforcement and working with some of our partner agencies.

‘This is an important operation because people living and working in Hampshire and Thames Valley deserve to have roads that they can enjoy, free from the fear of either crime, death or serious injury.

‘Operations like this are key to improving road safety and making sure that criminals don’t travel into our area and disrupt our lifestyle.

‘My message to criminals who are thinking of visiting Hampshire or Thames Valley is don’t.’

The action in the city on Wednesday included:

n A 30-year-old man from Essex was arrested on suspicion of possession of Class A with intent to supply. He was released from custody but remains under investigation.

n A man was arrested with possession of Class A with intent to supply but released.

n A Portsmouth man, 20, was arrested on suspicion of driving while under the influence of drugs.

n A 41-year-old man from Portsmouth who was wanted for a burglary offence was remanded in custody.

n Two further arrests made regarding the supply of Class A drugs. Police have not released any other details.

n 14 drivers were stopped for no insurance and all vehicles were seized.

n 10 drivers were stopped for no Vehicle Excise Licence with five vehicles seized.

n One driver was reported for disqualified driving and the vehicle was seized.

Insp Hills added: ‘We take this type of action very seriously and we are determined to deny criminals the use of our roads and therefore we will continue with this collaborative approach to make sure that happens.’

Following the stop of one car in Iver and Denham police seized a large quantity of a substance believed to be cocaine.

If it proves to be cocaine, the estimated street value is around £100,000.