Suspects in petrol station theft caught on CCTV

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THESE men were caught on camera during a theft at a petrol station.

Matthew Hannah, 25, was working alone at BP All Saints garage in Portsmouth’s Commercial Road when the pair struck between 8.20pm and 8.30pm on Thursday.

One of the drunken men snatched £75 from the till while the other man held open automatic doors at the shop entrance. Mr Hannah said: ‘A man came into the shop. He brought a packet of crisps up to the till and asked how much they were.

‘Then he went and got a different packet of crisps and came back. At the same time another guy who I now know was with him was asking me questions. He was asking if I could help him push his car. He was drunk and he was holding the automatic doors open.

‘As the till opened the first man reached down and grabbed the money.’

Sergeant Rob Sutton said: ‘Even though violence was not offered or threatened this time, they were under the influence of alcohol and this could have escalated into an even more serious offence.’ Call Portsmouth City Centre Unit on 101.