Targeted policing sees huge drop in number of crimes in Gosport

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GOSPORT’S police commander has hailed a drop in crime and today urges the public – you should feel safe in this town.

Chief Inspector Jason Kenny, says the force have worked tirelessly to reduce all crimes, resulting in more than 600 fewer victims in the town last year.

All-told, reported crime in the town fell nine per cent year-on-year from 6,311 in 1010/11 to 5,706 last year.

But Chf Insp Kenny is keen to drive down that figure even further.

He said: ‘People should feel safe in Gosport. We had 600 less victims of crime last year. Already this year to date we have got less victims of crime which is a real positive success.’

Police have also focused on crimes such as car thefts, robbery, burglary and thefts from vehicles following a spike in incidents in the town between December and March.

Officers targeted key suspects and worked to piece together which people were and are working together to commit crime in the town.

As a result, a number of offenders are being managed on stringent bail conditions – or are locked up.

Chf Insp Kenny added: ‘Last year we experienced in the last quarter – between December and March – spikes in acquisitive crime. We have targeted resources to deal with that problem.

‘We did a lot of work in terms of who we believed our key suspects and offenders were going to be and made sure we targeted them

‘We also did some work on trying to piece together the associations between those people.

‘Once we had the arrests we than attacked them through bail conditions and associations and tried to break them up. As a result we have improved.

‘Some are inside, some are on bail conditions. The approach is one of offender management.

‘The ones we could successfully lock up we have done, so those who haven’t, unfortunately been incarcerated, we manage them through very clear bail conditions. Clearly where we have got evidence to support a non-association we will attack that with vigour.

‘It’s stopping them from offending, clearly.

‘There were two or three who were prolific, particularly in terms of vehicle crime.

‘The one that gets me particularly is house burglary because it is the one that has a huge devastating impact.

‘To see that going down in very pleasing.’

Chf Insp Kenny is urging the public to get in touch with views. Visit or call 101.