Teenage cannabis addict jailed for 17 years after murdering vulnerable man in Fareham flat and stealing £300

A ‘HORRIBLE’ teenager was jailed for 17 years after brutally murdering a vulnerable man in an unprovoked attack before fleeing the scene.

Wednesday, 30th January 2019, 12:01 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 7:49 pm
Victim Michael Deary

Cannabis addict Luke Pearce, 17, repeatedly sunk a 20cm knife into 29-year-old Michael Deary at his Omaha flat in Fareham, who was left for dead in a pool of his blood. 

His body was found on August 20 last year decomposing with blood splattered all over his flat following a struggle after the helpless victim battled for his life.

The homeless defendant went round to the victim’s flat desperately looking for somewhere to stay and ‘selfishly’ exploit money from ‘kind’ Mr Deary who suffered with depression, prosecutor Matthew Jewell said. The pair knew each other via friends.

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Victim Michael Deary

But cold blooded Pearce turned on his helpless victim on August 16 after using a knife from the victim’s flat before plunging it into his back three times, his shoulder and left arm - resulting in a fatal blow as it pierced an artery.

‘It was a sustained attack in different areas of the flat,’ Mr Jewell said. 

Fingerprints were later found all over the flat before Pearce was arrested on August 24.

Recorded conversations from him talking to his mum while in custody revealed him admitting his crime. ‘Stupid things happen when you’ve got nothing to do,’ he told her.

Police in Omaha Close, Fareham Picture: Chris Moorhouse

Judge justice Goose told Pearce the deceased did ‘not die quickly and would have moved around the flat while bleeding profusely’. 

He said: ‘The victim finally collapsed in the bedroom but was not discovered for four days. You then ransacked the flat and attempted to clean up by running a bath and took the deceased’s sweatshirt as yours was blood stained.’

Justice Goose added: ‘It was a murder for gain. You stole £300 from him and took money from his bank account.

‘It was a sustained attack and he would have suffered considerably before he died.’

Pearce was told he would have served a minimum 30 years if he was an adult but instead will serve 17 years.