Teenage cyclist assaulted and robbed by three men wearing balaclavas in Portsmouth

A teenage cyclist was assaulted and robbed by three men wearing balaclavas in Fratton on Sunday.

Police said the 18-year old was attacked between 8.15pm and 8.45pm in Clarendon Place.

The three men approached the teenager, proceeded to pull him off his bike, and pinned him to the ground by his throat.

The men stole his black GT Aggressor XC2 bike, along with an attached black and orange fishing rod.

The 18-year old was assaulted and robbed in Clarendon Place on Sunday evening.

The three attackers were all wearing balaclavas, long sleeved tops, and black jogging bottoms.

Two of the men are described as being 6ft tall and of medium build, while the third man is described as being between 6ft 2ins and 6ft 3ins, and of stocky build.

Detective Constable Emily Dummer said: ‘Sunday was a very hot day and these people would have looked out of place in their clothing. Did you see them in the area, before, after or during the incident?

‘I would also like to speak to anyone who may have been offered the stolen bike for sale or may know someone who has recently acquired a bike matching the description.’

The bike has a red and black seat, and was fitted with red forks, two green lights on the bard, and black pedals with the brand ‘Boardman' on them.

The teenager suffered no serious injuries and did not require medical treatment.

Anyone with information is asked to call Hampshire Constabulary on 101 quoting 44190302413.