Teenager left badly hurt after Petersfield assault

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A TEENAGER was subjected to a brutal assault by two attackers.

The 17-year-old boy was walking along Borough Road, Petersfield, when he realised he was being followed.

Two men punched him in the face, eye and nose and when the victim fell to the floor, they kicked him several times in the back.

The victim received a cut and bruise below his left eye – which may have been caused by a ring on one of the offender’s fingers – a bloodied nose, and bruising on his back.

The attack happened some time between 3.15pm and 3.45pm on Sunday, September 16.

The first man was about 18, 6ft tall, of muscular build, and wore a white-hooded top and blue trousers. The top had a black pattern on the left shoulder.

The second man was about the same age, 5ft 8in tall, skinny, with stubble or a beard, and wore a white zip-up hooded top.

Call police on 101.