Teenager stabbed women because he ‘felt worthless’

Forensic officers at the scene of one of the attacks in Cosham. ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (142041-0529)
Forensic officers at the scene of one of the attacks in Cosham. ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (142041-0529)
A file photo of drug taking. Picture: PA/Paul Faith

Drug dealer jailed after hiding crack for five days at police station

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LIFE going nowhere, failing to get a job and sexual frustration were a teenager’s top three reasons why he carried out attacks on women, a court heard.

Jurors heard after Ben Moynihan was arrested over stabbing three women last summer he told detectives in a police interview: ‘I feel worthless.’

The 18-year-old had been asked if there was a sexual element behind the attacks.

His reply, read by prosecutor Kerry Maylin in Winchester Crown Court, said: ‘In my top three reasons I said sexual was my third.

‘Second would have been a failure of getting a job, first would be my current life at the moment going nowhere. I feel worthless.’

Jurors also heard how Moynihan, of The Ridings, Hilsea, would hide a steak knife in various places at his home, including in a bag of razor blades in the bathroom.

He denies three counts of attempted murder over three stabbings of lone women on June 20, June 29 and July 11 in Cosham and Wymering.

The women, 20, 45 and 67, received a single stab wound to the chest area in the separate attacks.

Moynihan, who was 17 at the time of the stabbings, admits wounding the women but denies three counts of attempted murder and also denies alternative charges of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Jurors were played body-worn video of the moment Moynihan was detained by police and said: ‘Yeah, I confess to the stabbings.’