Terrified mother ‘feared son would set her on fire’

Todd Ayres admitted two assaults and criminal damage
Todd Ayres admitted two assaults and criminal damage
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A MAN punched his own mother in the back of her head up to 10 times in one of two attacks he carried out on her, a court heard.

Todd Ayres was released from jail on the day he was sentenced for the two assaults as he spent so long on remand.

The 22-year-old first attacked her in Bellfield, Fareham, on March 2.

Speaking at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court, prosecutor Andrew Newman said: ‘She woke up her son Todd on the sofa.

‘She needed to leave to do her cleaning job and didn’t want to leave him in the house. She offered to give him a lift to the Fareham area.

‘She got in the driver’s side, he was agitated and angry at being asked to leave. He started kicking her car causing dents to the driver’s door.’

Ayres, who lost two teeth after being attacked in prison on remand, then got in the car and started kicking inside the vehicle, Mr Newman added.

But Ayres, of no fixed address, but previously of Fragorum Fields, Fareham, took paper out of the glovebox, tearing it up and setting it on fire in the footwell.

Mr Newman said: ‘He pulled the driver’s handbrake, shouting at her.

‘He pulled down the visor, paper came down and he tried to set fire to that.’

Ayres then sprayed WD40 on his mother’s hair. His upset mother stopped the car and flagged down a PCSO.

Mr Newman added: ‘She was scared that she would be killed, that he was going to set fire to her.’

In a second earlier attack on his mother on January 15 in Locks Heath, Ayres was angry after coming home to find a car had been seized.

Mr Newman said Ayres was shouting, claiming his money was in the car police seized.

His mother then took him in another car to where the first vehicle was taken.

‘The defendant was crying and shouting, she decided to take him to the garage to reclaim the money,’ he said.

‘He punched her to the back of the between six and 10 times. He also smashed a china plate over her head.’

Ayres also spat at his mother during the assault.

Mr Newman added: ‘She said he was going crazy, she was frightened for her life.’

His mother then got in the front passenger side where Ayres punched her to the back of the head again.

District Judge Anne Arnold said the assaults were sustained and serious and handed him a 10-week term.

Ayres admitted two assaults and criminal damage.