The Faces of Evil: Sarah Payne’s killer linked to convicted Havant Cycle Speedway Club paedophile

EVIL Mike Green, left, with killer Roy Whiting
EVIL Mike Green, left, with killer Roy Whiting
File photo of police in Portsmouth

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SMILING broadly, child killer Roy Whiting is pictured standing next to a man who has been unmasked as another paedophile who abused boys in Havant.

The killing of seven-year-old schoolgirl Sarah Payne, who was raped and murdered by Whiting in West Sussex in 2000, shocked the country.

EVIL Mike Green

EVIL Mike Green

Now Mike Green, Whiting’s former coach at Crawley Tigers Cycle Speedway Club, has been convicted of four child sex offences against boys, including the horrendous abuse of a then 13-year-old at the now defunct Havant Cycle Speedway Club in the early 1980s.

The link between the sick pair has emerged through a photograph of them grinning next to each other at a speedway awards ceremony. Green is said to have been a ‘mentor’ for pervert Whiting.

Shockingly, a former friend of Green’s spoke to The News of his suspicions about him and a horrifying confession he made.

The man, who worked with Green, now 71, at Prudential Insurance, said Green told him of his perversion for young boys. He said Green was a ‘nuisance’ who would turn up at his family home unannounced.

The former friend, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said: ‘He did come out once to us and said he was very worried that he might have Aids and said he was a homosexual. We always had our suspicions. Then he said he was in love with a little boy from Havant.

‘What he was doing as a subterfuge was courting his mum as a means to get close to the boy. We were not entirely shocked because we always had our suspicions.’

A man who managed to escape Green’s clutches and gave evidence against him in court, also spoke to The News.

He said: ‘He had a go (at abusing) me but I had a big gob so I shouted at him to get off me and he did.

‘What I worry about is others that were too scared, who were ashamed and didn’t speak out. He must have a massive number of victims. I dread to think what happened to them.’

He said Green’s way of operating was to lavish attention and extra coaching on boys and invite them to stay overnight at his home in Hove, where he lived with his mother.

Of Green’s link to Whiting the man said: ‘Did he influence him? What are the odds of two people in a small sports team of 12 to 15, both turning out to be notorious paedophiles and there being no link?’

Green also had links to Brighton, Bracknell, and Streatham ice hockey teams.

After leaving Prudential Insurance he went on to work as a groundsman at a boarding school. He was found guilty at Hove Crown Court of one sexual offence against the boy in Havant, and of indecent assault against two other victims in Hove.

A further count of severe sexual assault against the first boy will lie on file.

All the boys were aged between 13 and 15 at the time of the offences which took place between 1981 and 1982.

In a statement Sussex Police said: ‘There is no other current evidence of any other offending by Green but, as with all such cases, if anyone has new information they can contact Sussex Police.

‘Although every case is assessed on its individual merits, we will always follow up allegations of sexual abuse of children regardless of how long ago they are said to have happened.’

Green will be sentenced on February 28.