‘They were a lovely couple’

One of the seven stolen signs from the Isle of Wight. Picture: Hampshire Constabulary

Warning over fears stolen vintage signs worth £1,400 could be sold in Portsmouth

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PEOPLE in the Sherfield Avenue area of Leigh Park said they were shocked by the arrest of a ‘lovely man’.

Residents awoke on Saturday morning to police vans and forensic officers outside the property Peter and Annie Beaver had lived in for more than 40 years.

One couple said they bumped into Mr Beaver in Tesco in Havant, on Friday, the day before Mrs Beaver died, and he told them his elderly wife was very unwell.

Another neighbour, who did not want to be named, said she had seen Mrs Beaver briefly about three weeks ago when she opened the door to let her husband in.

Allison Watkins, 45, who lives in the same road, said: ‘I just can’t believe it. I always see the husband out walking his dog and he is very pleasant, a lovely man. I’ve only been here a year but he was always very friendly towards me.’

A dog walker who regularly stopped to talk to Beaver when he was out walking his dog Snowy, said: ‘I would see him and his friend going to get the papers from the shop and we’d stop and have a chat.

‘Sometimes I would stop at the gate for a natter but I haven’t see his wife for a long time. They were a lovely couple.’