Thief attempts to take £1,000 from pensioner in new phone scam

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A THIEF attempted to take £1,000 from a pensioner’s bank account after posing as a member of bank staff.

Police are now investigating the possible new phone scam.

A 71-year-old woman from Petersfield was called by a man claiming to be from her bank, HSBC.

He gave his name as Jason and asked the victim to do a number of things, including leaving the phone off the hook between phone calls and entering codes into the phone key pad.

One of these codes *21* diverted the victims phone to a different number.

A relative reported the scam. It was later discovered that transactions were pending on the victims’ bank account and these were cancelled before they were taken.

Sergeant Stuart Tripp said: ‘This is the only report of this type that we have received at the moment.’