Thieves after valuable metal in vehicle catalytic convertors

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A BUSINESSWOMAN has warned motorists to be on their guard after someone tried to steal the catalytic convertor from one of her vans.

Elaine Watson, the owner of Highbury First Class Glazing, is counting the cost after she discovered the convertor on her Ford Box van was damaged early yesterday morning.

The white van was parked in Portsdown Avenue, Farlington, when staff realised something was wrong.

Mrs Watson, who lives in the same road, said: ‘The lads went out to start the van up and noticed it was making a knocking noise.

‘We had a mobile mechanic out at the time who said someone had obviously tried to remove it.

‘They had made a clean cut through it. They were probably disturbed because they didn’t cut it off properly.’

It is the second time Mrs Watson’s vans have been targeted and the first theft three years ago cost £700 to replace. She said: ‘I want to warn people to be on their guard for this type of crime. Inside is a small amount of platinum and that’s what the thieves are after.

‘People need to beware and keep an eye out.’

Mrs Watson has informed police who say they will be looking to see if there is CCTV of the crime available.

Anyone with information should call police on 101.