Thieves escape with £45,000 haul from Portsmouth business park

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Two firms in Claybank Road, Copnor, Portsmouth were broken into.

Capital Precision Fabrications, which makes items such as hotel furniture, has lost all of its designs on a hard drive, causing irreplaceable damage. Equipment worth at least £20,000 was also taken.

The firm was broken into between 1am and 2am on Saturday.

Owner Ian Campbell, said the loss of equipment is ‘absolutely awful’ for his business.

He said: ‘I came into the unit and found it had been broken into.

‘All the computer equipment was taken and a hard drive with our designs on was gone. All our power tools have gone. Even my company coat with my name on was taken.’

A Nikon camera and petty cash of between £600 and £700 were also taken during the raid.

Hampshire Constabulary has looked at CCTV from the property and is investigating.

Three units on the industrial site were broken into, including OJ’s Discounts next door.

Paul Ojla, who has run the business for 37 years, said nothing was taken because his alarm had been activated.

However, in a similar incident on December 2 or 3, he suffered a break in and lost around £25,000-worth of alcohol from his stock room.

Speaking to The News, Mr Ojla said: ‘The thieves smashed their way through two doors around the back. We have had to pay to replace the stock.

‘Two of the types of alcohol they stole are unusual, so if anyone has been offered them, they could have come from us.

‘The first was Ciroc Vodka, which is very unusual. It is an upmarket vodka and it is not a name that you see in many places.

‘The other is Veuve Clicquot Champagne. We sell stock to retail and to trade as well as to the public. The things stolen are kept in a stock room and not on the shop floor.’

Other types of spirits were taken in the raid.

Hampshire Constabulary confirmed it was called to OJ’s by Mr Ojla.

Officers are still investigating the incident and are trying to find out if the two break-ins are connected. Anyone with information can call 101.