Thieves get away with £3,000 haul in Southsea house burglary

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AN 11-year-old boy has been left too terrified to sleep in his own bedroom after burglars ransacked his family’s home.

Thieves smashed their way in through the back door at the property in Castle Road, Southsea.

They then locked the front door from the inside so no-one could get in while they carried out their raid, fleeing with £3,000 of goods.

Dad Greg Harrison believes the thieves may still have been in the property when he arrived home with son Harry.

Mr Harrison, 52, said: ‘We came to the front door and we couldn’t open it because they had put the bolt across. I thought there was somebody in there. We have been having someone doing some wallpapering for us. I shouted in.

‘We went round the back and saw the door open and they had smashed it.

‘We went in downstairs but we didn’t go upstairs because we didn’t know if they were up there. The police came and searched the house. It has freaked my lad out. He doesn’t want to sleep in his own bedroom.’

The thieves fled with an iPod shuffle, silver Dell laptop, black IBM Think Pad, Sony PlayStation 3 and games, and a silver Go Pro camera which contained family holiday photos. They also stole three sets of cufflinks and a Gucci watch in a brown leather box with a brown leather strap and Roman numerals.

Mr Harrison added: ‘They had turned the bedrooms over and pulled out all of the drawers and clothing and turned it upside down on to the floor in a frenzy. They rooted through the house.

‘I feel cross that somebody would find it acceptable to go into somebody else’s house and root through their belongings, regardless of taking anything. It’s a violation of space and everybody’s entitled to their own space.

PC Mark Brockman is appealing for anyone with information about the burglary, which happened between 1pm on October 26 and 1.30pm on October 27, to come forward.

Call PC Brockman at Fratton on 101.