Thieves use shopping trolly to smash window of Portsmouth store

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THIEVES have smashed their way into a Wilkinson store in Portsmouth.

The suspects broke into the shop, in Arundel Street, Landport, after smashing one of the windows with a metal flat bed trolley.

The incident happened just after 8pm on Sunday.

The shop was closed and no staff were inside.

Southsea firefighters were first at the scene because an intruder had set off an alarm which emits smoke.

They then called police, who are now carrying out an investigation.

It is not known what was taken.

Green watch manager Ian Jeffery said: ‘Someone had broke the window and attempted to get access to something.

‘There was smoke coming from the hole in the window.

‘We asked for an urgent response from the police. They attended and took over from us.

‘There was no one in there at the time.

‘There was a 2ft wide hole in the window so someone could have got in there quite easily.

‘There was a trolley at the scene that they had smashed it with.’

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesman said: ‘We can confirm that has been a burglary at the premises.

‘At this time we are still investigating.

‘At this moment in time there is no activity at the premises. We are just investigating.

‘We had a call from the fire brigade just before 8.15pm.’